Hyperconvergence vs. Convergence: Differentiate, Compare, then Decide Which To Buy

January 3, 2017 / GuidesforCRM

Businessworld gives a lot of glowing and compelling reasons why business organizations should take to hyperconvergence. Among them are resilience, cost savings, efficiency, agility, heightened performance, and mobility support. Yet many IT managers still prefer convergence because they have tested its use and are familiar with its processes.

The following article urges not to dismiss the new and the powerful, simply out of loyalty to proven methods. It gives a detailed comparison of hyperconvergence and convergence, analyzing their processes, structure, offerings, limitations, and advantages. Any user who is considering deploying hyperconvergence but is still held by the comfort of sticking to convergence will find it relevant. If you are that kind of  a user and are on the crossroads of deciding which solution to adopt, read on for more, and then make your decision. – Cora Llamas.


What differentiates converged and hyper-converged infrastructure? We take a look at several systems in both the software defined hyper-converged space as well as the hardware-focused converged infrastructure arena.

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